Mar 08

Attitudes Needed in Congregational Work

The Great Commission Matthew 28:16-20The great commission is recorded in Matt 28:18-20 and Mk 16:15-16.  The church of our Lord has been commissioned by Jesus to take the gospel to the whole world.  We evidently have a lot of work to do.  Thankfully, God has provided us with the tools we need to accomplish this great work.  One of these tools is the varied talent of the congregation’s membership.

Regardless, though, of how talented members are, we would be wise to recognize this one fact:  ALL OF THE TALENT IN THE WORLD CANNOT MAKE UP FOR WRONG ATTITUDES!  But, with the right attitudes our efforts to serve the Lord are optimized and our talents will go a long way to accomplishing our given mission.

Our attitudes are critical.  Our attitude toward God, toward ourselves as individuals, toward one another as brethren, and toward the very work we do together as a church will make the difference between success and failure.

It all starts with our attitude with God.  Do we truly love God?  Is He first in our lives?  Do we have faith in Him and trust in His direction?  We must trust in His word to guide us as we pursue the work of the church, or, when we seek to solve the problems the local church faces.  Heb 11:6

Our attitude toward ourselves is also important.  Do we have an humble estimation of ourselves (Rom 12:3)?  Do we respect the viewpoints, perspectives, and abilities of others?  Are we willing to serve and even do “menial” tasks?  We must be teachable.  We must recognize that we, ourselves, are not beyond mistakes… and willing to make self corrections when necessary.

Closely associated with how we view ourselves is our attitude toward one another as brethren.  Our love for one another (and for God) should compel us to greater cooperation.  Our humility should cause us to appreciate others – their experiences, education, backgrounds – and the perspective they bring to the “table”.  Our commitment to “peace” (Rom 14:19) should undermine Satan’s attempts to impede the work through strife.

Finally, the attitude toward our work is necessary to our success.  Do we consider it an honor to serve in our Lord’s kingdom?  Then, let us pursue the work with enthusiasm, industry, and diligence.  There is no room in the Kingdom for quitters.  We have begun the work.  Now, let us be “men” and see it through!

If we – the local congregation – want to be what God has intended for us to be, we must realize that it all begins with us as individuals.  If we want the work of the congregation to go smoothly and to succeed.. let us hone our attitudes (Eccl 10:10).  Only then will we be useful to the Master (2 Tim 2:21).

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