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Oct 05

Jesus and the Law – Matthew 5:17-20

In previous posts, we have been looking at the teachings of Jesus regarding the character and blessedness of the citizens of His kingdom (Matt 5:3-12).  In the following verses (Matt 5:13-16), Jesus spoke of the influence Christians should have on the world; We are the salt of the earth (we must have both a seasoning …

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Sep 21

The Beatitudes – Part 3

In the last two posts, we have been studying the “beatitudes” and have considered 7 of the eight presented by Jesus.  We believe the beatitudes were spoken by our Lord very early in His earthly ministry and were part of His sermon on the mount, recorded for us in Matthew chapters 5-7.  In our study, we have been …

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Sep 07

The Beatitudes – Part 1

Last week we stressed the importance of Christians adorning the doctrine of Christ.  We said that being a Christian was more than just joining a religious organization and being included in that church’s membership roles.  Being a Christian requires we adorn (garnish our appearance) the very teachings of Jesus… that, we believe His teachings, obey …

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